Emotional Clarity Cleanse


My favorite cleanse! This is a one hour session that is held optionally through text, over the phone, or through Facetime. As a Reiki Master, through initiation I was trained to go back in time to certain events that heavily impact you and clear that energy. With this gift, I am able to access any timeline in your life that you felt grief, distress, resentment, rejection in your child hood and apply the healing energy of reiki to restore it with harmony, hope, optimism, happiness and love. Most of our adult experience and years are shaped by the foundation of our childhood. It’s vital to heal your inner child and repair the holes that weren’t nurtured so you can live a fulfilled remainder of your life. This healing will not only link you back to your inner child, but will also create immense shifts within not only yourself, but how you handle relations around you.

DISCLAIMER: All readings & services are for entertainment purposes only.



  1. Amanda Walters (verified owner)

    This was such an amazing experience! She was spot on, I felt so many emotions and I felt so much better after our session and these last 2 days have been emotional but i feel so much weight lifted from my body. I will be trying another cleanse 🥰

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